lunes, 9 de febrero de 2015


El calentamiento global es el aumento observado en los últimos siglo  de la temporada  media  sistema climático de la tierra .desde 1971 el 90% el incremento energético se ha almacenado en los océanos , principalmente  en los primeros 700 metros superficies. 

jueves, 22 de mayo de 2014

Hello Sponsor

Hello! My name is Helen  Priscila Sanchez  Palma  I am 12 years old. 
I am om 6th grade. I  live in Chongon  with my family my favorite food is rice with chicken. When i finish  school i would like to become a doctor. I want to be a good professional and work for my family, and  I would like to travel to visit many countries and know about other cultures. I would like you to come to visit my country to meet you.

I have 1brother and 3 sisters.  I like to eat i ce crean. I have a pet called "Negra". My favorite sport is Volleyball .  I like go to the beach. I have friends in the school, we play Volleball. my favorite subjects are Physical Education, maths and social studies. I love my school because it is a beautiful place surrounded by nature.

Ruth (left) and me.